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Get To Know Me!

Mila B


Where to begin… I am a loving, caring, and funny individual who works hard at everything she does! I am a full time entrepreneur and a micro influencer as well! I am headstrong, diligent, and hardworking when I set my mind to it! I am achieving my goals one step at a time with God guiding me down the path I am destined to be on.


I am a military brat, so I traveled a lot. My dad retired in

Douglasville, GA, so I have been here living my best life since 2002.

I went to Valdosta State University and graduated with a bachelor's

degree in Communication. Upon graduating in 2015 from VSU, I then

carried on and went to Kennesaw State University to obtain my Social

Media Certificate.


A fun fact about me is that I was a cheerleader growing up! I started

cheering in middle school and continued to cheer competitively in

college. I LOVE cheering and everything about it! Fast forward to

today, I own a mobile tumbling business called MB Tumbles! I am

very knowledgeable in the realm of cheer and tumble! I started

tumbling in 2005, and now I teach young, energetic athletes the skills

they need to succeed in the world of cheerleading and gymnastics. 

Check out MB Tumbles under Services!


My YouTube channel is all about me being my authentic self! Giving my consumers a diverse opinion along with instruction about Entrepreneurship and Tumbling. Every Tuesday and Friday, I will be

providing fun, bubbly videos of me showing you my truth and how I started my business. What sets my channel apart from the others is that I'm giving you something relatable, engaging, and organic! So with that being said, don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

Want to collaborate on a project or video, contact me, and I will be

looking forward to it!



Mila B

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