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Est. 2020

MB Tumbles focuses on small class sizes so each individual athlete learns while having fun resulting in no kid getting left behind." This is the mission statement for my business and by having a smaller gym, I am able to focus on each athlete to ensure they are progressing and having fun in the sport of tumbling, cheerleading and gymnastics.


I  have been coaching tumbling, cheerleading and gymnastics since 2015 and have been tumbling since I was in middle school. My love for cheerleading and gymnastics started at a young age and I was able to carry my knowledge and skill set by teaching others. From coaching in various gyms located throughout Georgia,  I noticed kids getting looked over or coaches were playing favorites which I did not like. Having this thought in mind, I started my own business MB Tumbles in 2020.


In 2020, MB Tumbles was strictly mobile, traveling from house to house providing one on one tumbling lessons to kids. Being mobile had its ups and downs. The upside was providing hands-on coaching to one athlete at a time ensuring they are understanding the skills they are learning. Athletes were learning skills and progressing at an accelerated rate. The downside was being limited to a certain amount of mats my car could hold, travel time from point a to point b and having a waiting list. With a waiting list and wanting to expand, in 2021, I found Keswick Recreation Center and started teaching a total of 5 classes.


I was teaching 5 classes with 4 of those classes being full for the 2022-2023 school year. I was teaching classes 2 days out of the week and mobile coach one on one the remaining three days. With only having 5 classes a week, new clients were steadily reaching out but I had to refer them to my waiting list since I was booked.  I enjoyed being hybrid however I wanted to continue to grow by offering multiple classes throughout the week including hosting birthday parties on the weekends. In order for me to continue this growth, I knew I needed a space of my own.

June 2023, I move into my first space in Doraville. I am able to add more classes such as cheer class, advance tumbling along with mommy and me classes. I will be hosting birthday parties giving my clients 3 different birthday party options to choose from for their kids and their friends to enjoy.  With this space, I will be able to offer day camps during the holidays and expand to not only offering summer camps but adding summer classes as well.

With owning this space, it will give me the opportunity to grow my business into what I always envisioned for myself.  A business where kids can come have fun, learn, obtain quality knowledge and perform difficult skills which promotes self discipline, motivation and most importantly confidence.  Utilizing this space will allow me to grow but it will also help me inspire more kids in this sport ensuring that they don't get left behind.

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